Words of Life

Abundance that Breeds Arrogance that Moves Away from the LORD

Deuteronomy 8

  • God is getting ready to show His people abundance like they’ve not seen before. Before He does this, He warns them that they will be tempted to forget God, not seeing their need for Him, because they will not find themselves in explicit desperation.
  • The truth is, we are always in a position of complete dependence upon God. I may think that I worked hard for my wealth, but it is God who strengthens my body. I may think that I strategized with much wisdom, but it is God who sharpens my mind. I may think that my righteous devotion has kept me on the LORD’s good path, but my righteousness is “filthy rags” (Is. 64:6) to the LORD, and any ember of righteousness that remains glowing within me is stoked by the relentless grace and mercy of God.

LORD, thank You for reminding me of my total need for You. It may feel hopeless for me to need You to this degree, but it is true and good. My feeling of hopelessness is not due to truth, but to the prideful residue of sin that wars within me. I need You, LORD, and it is a good and beautiful thing to live in constant awareness of this.

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  1. Love this Chris! Our message at church Sunday was about dependence on God. I love your insights. I love the word picture at the end of your last paragraph. I learn so much from you. Keep sharing your heart!

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