Words of Life

Awakening the Dawn for the Praise and Proclamation of Salvation

Psalm 108:

  • The psalmist is so looking forward to praising God that he cannot wait for the sunrise. He says that he will “awaken the dawn!” (vs. 2) Do we long to be with God with this kind of anticipation? Do we hunger for time with God and opportunities to praise Him in this way? This is convicting to me.
    • LORD, this past year You have given me a greater desire to be in Your word than I have ever had. Let me not forget the blessings that have come from this season.


Isaiah 40:

  • God makes a plea¬†for the comforting of His people (vs. 1). Israel has been rightly disciplined for her rebellion (vs. 2), but God puts limits on this. He confirms His ability to keep His word (vs. 8), for He is Creator and can do whatever He pleases (vs. 12-26). This chapter concludes with showing us that our patience in the LORD leads to our strength and endurance. (vs. 31)
    • Patience is not a common virtue for us, LORD, for our days are numbered, time is limited, time is limiting. Yet, I trust Your word and I desire to be strong. Therefore, I must learn patience. I must determine in my heart to be patient, even to the end. Give me strength, LORD.


1 Timothy 2:

  • A foundational duty for all believers is continual and varying prayer. (vs. 1, 8) These prayers would include the authorities in our nations. (vs. 2) The goal of these prayers is salvation for everyone. (vs. 4) The ONLY source for this salvation is Jesus Christ. (vs. 5-6)
    • Jesus, help me not to get so discouraged and heartless that I neglect to pray for our leaders. Help me to share Your heart that “…desires all people to be saved…”

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