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  Why I write…the making of a worshipper Some may wonder, “Why does Chris write these articles? What is he trying to accomplish?” Those would be good questions. I would hope that some people would be probing to make a connection between these articles and my specific call […]

The Sabbath Breaks My Routine!

Why do we take vacations? Vacations are approached with a variety of motivations and experienced through a complex combination of emotions. Some vacation to pacify family. Some vacation to indulge. Some vacation simply to use that time they earned, they deserve. I’ve seen people who are annoyed by […]

Martha, Martha…

Since I started the Generous Beggar site I have tried to share something every Thursday related to a theological topic that has been circulating in my curious and wandering mind. This week has been particularly busy, I have not been able. Several of the churches that I sent […]

The Still, Small Voice of Worship

After leaving 8 years of teaching Bible at a Christian H.S. I worked construction for 4.5 years. Many interesting and profound things happened to me spiritually during these years. One of them was surviving the “silence” of God. Let me explain. My time of teaching was a loud […]

The Story of the Logo

Symbols can be powerful things. One of the ways that Rome would remind people who was in control, was to put images of Caesar all over the place; on coins, buildings, announcements and even places of worship.¬†¬†Hitler would intentionally do the same thing with his own image, as […]

Singing Spiritual Songs to God

In Colossians 3 Paul is writing about our transition from death to life and how that affects community life. He reminds the Colossians that what they used to be like encourages them to strive for the fruits of salvation while resisting urges to return to their old life. […]

Generous Beggar

So, I have finally decided to start a blog to catalog and share my thoughts on living the Christian life. In wrestling with what to call it, I created a list of about 10 possible names. I wanted something descriptive enough that it gave substance to what I […]


"Let's seek the truth. Let's share in Christ."

Growing Godly Generations

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A hungry beggar showing hungry beggars where I'm finding food

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A hungry beggar showing hungry beggars where I'm finding food

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