Words of Life

The Priority of Prayer Precedes a Pastor’s Productivity

Psalm 109:

  • vs. 4b: “…but I give myself to prayer.” Oh, the endless strategies! I am not calling for an apathetic laziness. Rather, a humble posture that knows that my best ideas can be undone by sovereign might. Likewise, blessing can come even in spite of my ignorant inaction. If this is true, then a wise man should first invest considerable time and effort to prayer before crafting strategies and plans. We can be too arrogant and impatient to take time to pray. Let this not be the case!
    • LORD, help me to always, consistently, constantly seek You first. Your ways are safe in the grand scheme. Your ways are ultimately prosperous and fruitful. This is where I want to be. You’ve given me eternity…and I can wait. Blessed be Your name!


Esther 9 & 10:

  • There is a reversal of intent. (9:1) The day the enemies of the Jews intended to annihilate them, the Jews are given permission to assemble and defend themselves. This is still the way the LORD often works. God takes the intent of all evil things, turns them on their heads and uses them for the good of His children. (see Romans 8:18-39) Sorrow becomes gladness and mourning becomes a holiday. (9:22) For this time of Esther, this was not a gratuitous and greedy taking advantage of their enemies, for they took no plunder. (9:10, 15, 16) They merely wanted to survive Haman’s evil plot.
    • LORD, we need reversals still today. I pray that if You choose to bring blessing to misfortune, it would be used in my life to praise You, not for vain advance.


1 Timothy 3:

  • It has occurred to me this past year that we too quickly breeze over the various lists of qualifications for being in leadership in Jesus’ local church. Not only should I read these lists, pausing on each item to prayerfully consider my status, but I should honestly, with a brutal humility, repent in areas I fall short. Not only this, but it would be wise to regularly (at least annually) revisit these lists to test whether or not my seasons of life may have caused me to drift in obedience to these qualifying characteristics. Again, then gladly repent, desiring to become more like Jesus, more like the Holy Spirit intends for me to be! The roles of elder/overseer/pastor/deacon/ deaconess are far too important to be taken casually. If we love Jesus’ Church, we should do this, even at great risk and expense to ourselves.
    • Jesus, be glorified in me, in your Church, and in all your Creation.

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  1. So appreciate your insight as always. The call to leadership is a huge responsibility, not to be taken lightly. You are wise to pause, reflect, repent not only for your own benefit but for the benefit of those who are under your leadership.


    • And to clarify, a leaders willingness to “demonstrably” pause, reflect and repent is helpful to the ones he leads; not only because it make him a better leader, but because it gives and example for his people to follow. It’s hard for people to repent if they’ve never seen what repentance looks like. It’s hard for people to pray when they’ve seldom seen someone pray passionately, personally and purposefully.


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