Words of Life

Character That Lasts

Esther 1:

  • The lengths people will go to in order to draw respect and honor from others! Vashti refuses to come and be paraded before the king and his inebriated friends (vs. 11-2). What is the concern? Do they seek to find just cause for this defiance? No! They fear that their wives will do the same (vs. 16-18)! Do they challenge one another to be honorable and respectable in order to be honored and respected? No! They make threats, commands, laws to protect their position and power without accountability (vs. 19-22)!
    • Let me not be one who guards his own dignity. Rather, let me be one who seeks character and a clean conscience, and let the LORD defend my honor, in His way, in His time.

2 Thessalonians 1:

  • It’s interesting how common these concepts are mentioned in the Bible. Yet, we seldom hear them or consider them, skipping quickly to verses more favorable to our desires. Paul says that there is evidence of the Thessalonian’s worthiness, that their “faith” and “love” are evidentially increasing (vs. 3-4a, 5a). But what is this evidence? It is their faithfulness in the midst of persecution and affliction (vs. 4b). Do we want confidence of our standing with God? Do we want assurance of our usefulness for the Lord’s purposes? Then we must not shrink back in the face of affliction!
    • “To this end” I pray with Paul for my brothers and sisters (vs. 11-12). The glorious result will include being among the company who glorifies Christ and marvels at his beauty (vs. 10)! Holy Spirit, captivate us with this vision, that we may joyfully endure!

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