Words of Life

A Proclamation of Liberty

Jeremiah 34:

  • From the beginning of the formal law, God gave a command to set free their slaves (vs. 13-14), forgive debts, and return property that had been lost. This was to be done every 7th year. I was not aware of any records of this ever being done until now. Only on the eve of the destruction of Jerusalem (vs. 2-3) does Israel set their slaves free (vs. 10&15). Even then, they relented of their “repentance” and take back their slaves (vs. 11&16). This turning away from their initial repentance is called a profaning of God’s name (vs. 16).
  • So many applications in our church and political context can be drawn here. But I’m particularly struck by how fickle a people we are. We struggle for “peace” in moments of hopeless conflict, but when the dust settles, we return to our vying for protection, power, and position. Is it really peace (shalom) we’re seeking? Or is it something else that amounts to the profaning of God’s name?
    • Oh the depths and layers of grace that we need from God are immeasurable! (see Romans 6:20-21)

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