Words of Life

God’s will be done…whether “good” or “bad”

Jeremiah 42:

  • In desperation, after all of the horrors they’ve seen at the hands of the Babylonians, the people ask Jeremiah to seek God’s will on their behalf. Knowing now that God’s will is often difficult and stretching, they commit in vs. 6, “Whether it is GOOD or BAD, we will obey the voice of the LORD…”
  • God’s will is sometimes so challenging, often counter-intuitive, that it may seem “bad” to us. The question isn’t as much whether it makes sense to us, but whether it’s God’s will.
  • Jeremiah’s answer seems simple. He tells them to not go to Egypt, but remain in the land. If they stay, then it will go well for them. Though chapter 43 is not part of today’s reading, I couldn’t help but notice that the people reject God’s word, and force Jeremiah to flee to Egypt. Their commitment was false and conditional.
      • LORD, the inclination of our hearts is strong to only see what seems right to us as Your will. Give us the wisdom to see Your heart and Your plan. Give us the strength to courageously walk in it. Give us the peace to trust Your bigger plan, whether good or bad in our eyes.

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