Words of Life

The one who catches the eye of the LORD

Isaiah 66

  • When I consider who God is, that He is the Creator of all things (vs. 2a), how silly it seems to try to honor God with our presentations and enormous building structures. Who are we really trying to impress? Is it not other people? God does not look for these things; He looks to the heart. Isaiah tells us (vs. 2b) that humility; a sober view of who you are, a fallen, broken, limited, and needy person; is a posture that is on God’s radar. He says that contrition; repentance, a change in how you think about things; catches the eye of God. We read that a person who seeks, who hears and is shaken by the Word of God, is postured in a good way before the LORD.
  • How long will we try to impress God with structures, with our obedient sacrifices, our vain presentations? Rather, realizing who we are, we should humbly approach God (confidently because of what Jesus has done, but humbly) saying, “Have mercy on me.” (Luke 5:8-11) It also seems to me that we should echo this perspective by offering this same mercy to others. (Let God alone judge people’s motives and heart of contrition.)

LORD, forgive me for judging with eyes that can see very little. Oh, how I need Your mercy, grace, and forgiveness! I need it especially when I cannot be who You call me to be. I thank You for the salvation You have freely given me. Help me to see and treat people the way that I desire to be seen and treated, the way I need to be received.

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