Words of Life

Oh that we had such hearts as this ALWAYS!

Deuteronomy 4:44-6:3

  • Moses calls all of Israel to stand at the mountain and hear the laws of God spoken from the mouth of God! (5:1-5) How frightening must this have been to hear the voice of God directly, audibly?! Still, they stood and listened as long as they could. Then, in fear, they asked Moses to speak on their behalf. (5:23-27) What is God’s response to this? He is pleased! Yet, the LORD’s pleasure is mixed with some melancholy as He is aware that this is not the usual posture of the hearts of His people. (5:29) For the LORD pleads, “Oh that they had such hearts as this always…”

Oh, that we had such hearts today! Hearts to listen to the commands of God! Hearts to revere, respect, to fear the LORD! Perhaps we do fear the LORD. Perhaps we fear our own desires and certainty of failing God that we would rather live ignorantly to the will of God. If we were to approach fellowship with God, then we would know that this is what grace is for! Grace allows us to love God, fail God, fail ourselves and our feeble commitments to Him, and still remain in fellowship with Him. God does not need to be impressed. He wants to to be known and loved.

  • LORD, help Your children to listen to Your law and will , to break over their sin, to experience Your compassionate mercy, and remain in Your presence.

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