Words of Life

Stranger Things in Israel

Hosea 8:

  • There is something “strange” in Israel during the time of Hosea. (vs. 12) It is God and His laws. It is a sad thing how a group of people can wield the name of God, even participate in some traditions and practices of God, without knowing or listening to Him. For they are keeping up the function of the nation of the LORD without seeking God’s will or favor. (vs. 4) When they do not achieve the emotional affect that they seek, they hire out for “lovers” who will give them the accolades they seek.
  • Is this what the church has become? Too often I hear meetings to strategize, to implement structures to simulate the results that we desire “in Jesus’ name”! (see Matthew 25:31-46) Yet, we don’t humbly seek God’s face in prayer, in community, through His Word. We don’t ask, “Is this a season for reaping or for sowing?” “Is this a time for repentance or for proclamation?” “Is this a time to confront or to comfort?” All of these choices (and many more!) are legitimate directions (wills) of God at different times in history. Do we know what God is calling us to in our time? Or are we pursuing God’s blessings upon our own idolatrous desires?! There is a very fine line here, but it makes all the difference! SEEK God first!

LORD, forgive me for my arrogant plans. Remind me, daily, to seek Your will, Your face, to seek YOU; before I endeavor to do anything else!

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