Words of Life

I Want To Want To

John 7:

  • Do we really want to do God’s will? (vs. 17) So often we just want to be told, but we do not want to be taught. A common statement when I was a high school teacher was “Tell us the right answer.” You see, they wanted to be able to wield the “truth”, but did not want to strengthen their ability to see, to think, to seek Jesus. We want to be told what to believe and what is true, but we do not really want to work through the implications of those truths.
  • At this time there seems to be may curious observers, but not so many believers. Even Jesus’ own brothers egg him on to act like a prophet or the Messiah, though they do not believe him. (vs. 3-5)
  • Is it possible that the limitation (or barriers) to our belief in Jesus have more to do with the fact that in our hearts we do not want to know or do God’s will? We see children look to athletes, musicians, even radical culture changers with a desire to aspire to that kind of “significance”. Then, they find what it entails; painful exercise, endless and repetitive and mundane rehearsing, isolation and loneliness, discouragement, etc. They don’t really want this! We see people suffer from tooth aches and say “Fix it!” Then, the dentist gets his drill and says “This will hurt.” They second guess if they really want the healing.

Jesus, I want to know your teaching. (vs. 17) I want to seek your glory. (s. 18) Holy Spirit, give me the strength to keep looking, even when squinting to see hurts, even when those around us mock, not knowing what I am beginning to see. I have seen and experienced enough to say “No one ever spoke like [you]!” (vs. 46) So, I will “come to [you] and drink.” (vs. 37)

VERSE 17 was key in helping me to see what it is that keeps me from seeing. That I look, but don’t actually want to see what God is revealing. This reminds me, pushes me to ask God to soften my hard heart and to open my blind eyes.

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