Words of Life

Enough Grace to Believe

John 20:

When is it enough? When you stop to think about it, there’s very little that we objectively know. The vast majority of what we use to function in life is grounded upon varying degrees of trust. Or faith.

John has been talking about “signs” throughout this book. Similar words used are, “miracles” or “evidence”. Thomas has such a struggle with this incredible nature of Jesus’ claims and his followers claims of his resurrection, that he makes a promise, a commitment, that “[he] will never believe” (vs. 25). Breaking this promise is conditional on touching Jesus’ marred body. Beautifully, Jesus gives Thomas the grace to do this. (vs. 27) He then says that the greater blessing goes to those who can look at the evidence and simply say that It is enough. I believe. (vs. 29)

This is the grace that we most need and should most pursue. Not a grace to have objective experience, but the grace to see the evidence clearly enough to say that it is enough for me to commit to, to trust, to believe!

Jesus, when my heart sinks, when rational thought gets cloudy, help me to remember what you have shown; and to believe. Thank you for your grace and blessing.

VERSE 29 we key in showing that objective belief is a lesser stance in the mind of God to trust based on evidence.

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