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If You Love God, Listen to Him (click here to read this article)if-you-love-god-listen-to-him-e2hpmo3x-6209fd1d885a1a9a8896fa74039040f7

As I stated in an earlier post, this has been a busy season for me. My 3 devotional posts and one theologic meditation per week have vanished. I am hoping this season will lighten up and allow me to regain my desired rhythm soon, but that is still indefinitely off in the future.

Still, as I wait, this article deeply convicted me. Am I prioritizing what is important correctly? If not, how do I remedy this in my current season? This article is offered to help you be convicted by the priorities that I want to shape my life-rhythm. God-willing, I will soon be back to reading and sharing and dialoguing on Biblical observations, insights, and wondering along with you.

I’m reminded of a story about John Wesley. He was known to pray for 2-4 hours every morning before beginning his day. One writer stated that he spent up to 8 hours in his later years. I remember reading that someone asked him how he was able to accomplish so much in a day when he spent so many hours in prayer. Wesley’s reply was that he did not know how he could accomplish half of what he did if he had not spent so much time in prayer.

Regardless of whether you adopt Wesley’s discipline in prayer or something similar with Bible engagement, this perspective places one’s values in the correct order. As life runs us over, let’s try to put prayer and Bible reading in its right place. And may God bless you in your attempts.

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