Words of Life

Chosen to Choose Community

Isaiah 10:

  • God works in the hearts of all the nations for His own purposes. In this chapter, the LORD uses the mighty Assyrian empire to judge His wayward people. Yet Assyria fails to humbly see their place as God’s servants. They arrogantly say that they will move beyond the limits of the LORD’s judgments.
    • God in His grace may choose to use me for a season, for a purpose. I must be content with His purposes and not demand to move beyond them. LORD, show me Your will, lest I presume to pridefully move beyond it.


Ephesians 2:

  • It’s all a gift! We were dead, unable to respond to any external stimuli. (vs. 1) The death we existed in was in relation to God. We were locked into a pattern of disobedience (vs. 2) and therefore under judgment. (vs. 3) The reason we have life is only becauseĀ of mercy and grace. (vs. 4-9) The life we now have in Jesus is intended to enable us to walk in “good works.” (vs. 10) Not only have we been united with God (vs. 13-14), but we have been united to one another. (vs. 15-19) This new unified structure is called the Church. (vs. 22) It is built on the prophets and apostles (vs. 20a – I take this to mean the Scriptures, at least) and is held together by Jesus himself. (vs. 20b-21)
    • What a glorious reality! Thank you, Jesus! Help my life reflect this. Help my engagement and communion with your Church display this.

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