Words of Life

Global Glory from a Broken Body

Isaiah 11 & 12:

  • The filing of the earth with the glory of the LORD is a BIG deal! (11:9) This concept is repeated 3 times (11:9; 12:4, 5) in these chapters. In addition, themes of justice (peace, non-violence, unity, equity, abundance, etc.) are mentioned as characteristics of what things will be like ” in that day.” (11:10) These are not just realities, goals, responses, even commands! When we feel the anger of the LORD turned away from us (12:1), we respond with praise and proclamation until everyone can see our God this way. (12:3-6)
    • LORD, let me see You and feel You this way. Then I can proclaim You with pure joy. Not to compel people against their wills, but to present You truthfully and as desirable, that many may come!


Lamentations 1:

  • It’s heartbreaking to hear Jeremiah mourn over the degradation of his home and people. Have you ever returned to neighborhood or high school and felt your spirit sink when it just doesn’t ring with the joy and optimism it once did in your youth? This must be a small part of what Jeremiah is feeling. To add to the sorrow, the decay is not merely by way of the attrition of time, but because of the destructive and abusive sinfulness of God’s own people! (vs. 5) Not only have God’s people acted in opposition to God’s heart, but refusing rebuke and repentance, they’ve incurred God’s corrective punishment. Therefore, Jeremiah’s “heart is faint.” (vs. 22)
    • LORD, let my heart be faint when I see Your children act in self-destructive ways. Don’t allow me to dry my own tears as if there’s nothing to mourn. I refuse to lower the bar of Your holiness and virtue in order to pacify our own self-righteousness.


Ephesians 3:

  • There is a fullness and mystery in God’s plan that was not revealed entirely (though hinted at many times – i.e. – Genesis 12:1-3). That is that God desires to include people from all races, cultures, and nationalities into His eternal kingdom. (vs. 5-6) This not a wide open offer, but comes through a specific  pathway; “IN Christ Jesus THROUGH the gospel.” We must be indiscriminate in our spreading of this news and unapologetic in its means being through Jesus.
    • Jesus, thank you for your offer of salvation and reconciliation, for I am a Gentile! (vs. 6) Holy Spirit, give me the heart to see everyone with value. And give me the means to help people see your infinite value.

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