Words of Life

The Path to Refuge is Affliction

Isaiah 14:

  • The last verse of this chapter struck me (vs. 32). Do you want to find refuge in the LORD? There IS a place of refuge, it is reserved for “the afflicted.” If we insulate ourselves from the friction that comes from a life of faithfulness, then will we find refuge? There’s not a lot of assurance for those on the path of ease.
    • LORD, I want to find rest! You’ve promised rest. Give me a patience to gladly wait and the strength to endure.


Lamentations 3:

  • What a chapter to read, especially after just reading Isaiah 14! Jeremiah’s “affliction” seems un bearable. How beautiful it is for him to insert vs. 22-33 into the middle of this song to give us hope.
    • Thank you, LORD, for your promises and the testimony of history to give me assurance. “[Your] steadfast love…never ceases; [Your] mercies never come to an end; …great is your faithfulness… [You are] my portion, …therefore I will hope in [You].” (vs. 22-24)


Ephesians 5:

  • Imitating God (vs. 1), when God came down as Jesus, is a weighty thing. To see your enemy, to love your enemy, and to give your life and die for your enemy are opposed to every natural tendency within us! This life is short, but not without significance in its effect (vs. 15-17). Therefore, we must “try” to make efforts to know God (vs. 10) and to “expose” what is right and wrong, fruitful and unfruitful (vs. 11). This is simultaneously comforting and intimidating.
    • Holy Spirit, direct my mind, heart, mouth, and feet to follow your ways. Let my life, my family, my work, and activities point to You and Your Bride (vs. 32).

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