Words of Life

The Right Fight on the Right Field

Psalm 98 & 99:

  • God’s salvation is seen by the whole world in one way or another (98:2-4, 7-9). Part of God’s goal in judgment and blessing is “equity” (98:9, 99:4), for He is not a respecter of position. God’s people are equally guilty and equally loved. We would be wise (and God-like) to view people in the same way.
    • LORD, help me to view and treat people (“all the earth”) with equity.


Ephesians 6:

  • Realizing that our real battle is a spiritual battle (vs. 12) does not remove us from the tangible world, nor release us from our responsibilities (vs. 5, 19-20). On the contrary, it is this┬áreality that enables us to love indiscriminately (vs. 6, 9, 15).
    • Holy Spirit, give me Your eyes and heart, that I may be bold in love and grace (vs. 19-20).

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