Words of Life

Repenting for the Past while Suffering for the Future

Lamentations 5:

  • In vs. 7 Jeremiah mourns one generation’s sins affects on another. He sees devastation in Jerusalem and realizes God’s rejection because of their father’s stubborn waywardness. I can do the same to a much lesser degree in my generation. However, especially with the current events of this past week, I’m thinking more about my son’s generation and how my faithfulness or lack thereof, might impact his.
    • –> LORD, teach me how to repent. Not just because it is right and true, but for the sake of my children.

Philippians 1:

  • Paul speaks with the affection of a father to a church that he spent maybe a week or two with. This letter is written years after his visit to Philippi. We know this because he is writing from prison. (vs. 13) Paul has a view of God’s sovereignty that not only credit His power above all of creation’s events, but more so His wisdom in planning all events. For Paul says in vs. 12 that he was not put in prison because of the plan of Rome, but because of God’s plan “to advance the gospel.” Again, Paul says that both our salvation and ur suffering are “granted” to us “for [Christ’s] sake.” (vs. 29)
    • –> Jesus, help me t trust Your plan and see Your hand in all of my circumstances, that I may always rejoice. (vs. 18b)

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