Words of Life

Plausible Deception

Psalm 103:

  • I love the idea of preaching to yourself! (vs. 1a & 2a) It implies that there’s a dichotomy within us. We know something to be true but cannot pull our emotions and actions into alignment with this truth. Remembering the core nature, motives, and promises of God (vs. 3-5) helps draw us to a posture of grateful praise!
    • Lord, remind me paternal love (vs. 13) when I feel crushed. Remind me of Your mercy in dealing with fragile and finite people (vs. 8-9, 14), when I am afraid. Remind me of Your everlasting forgiveness (vs. 10-12, 17-19), when I fail. In You I am secure and I will rejoice! “Bless the LORD, O my soul!”


Daniel 5:

  • Belshazzar is arrogantly living in the privilege from his father, Nebuchadnezzar. (v. 2-5) He is aware of his father’s downfall with pride and self-idolatry (vs. 18-22), yet has not learned anything. God’s judgment is quick and decisive! (vs. 30-31)
  • (Side NOTE): Daniel was made chief of the magicians, enchanters, Chaldeans, and astrologers in the Babylonian and Perian empires. Could this be the schooling that produced the “Wise Men” who came seeking the Messiah when Jesus is born?
    • As an American, I can take for granted my privileged position. If so, mI risk being in a place of being judged. Help me, LORD, to stay humble in my blessings, refusing to be bought (vs. 17) and boldly declaring Your revealed truth, even when it’s hard. (vs. 26-28)


Colossians 2:

  • There are “plausible arguments” (vs. 4) against our faith. Plausible, not because of their truthfulness, but because of hypocritical conduct that betrays our community experienced (vs. 2-3). There are empty philosophies (vs. 8) that seem wise, but neglect the core reality of our death in Christ (vs. 12) through faith, giving us life. Our record of debts was being killed on Jesus’ cross as he endured being slaughtered for our sake. (vs. 14)
  • These are ultimately heart issues! While we me discipline ourselves to create an appearance of change (vs. 23a), the heart remains unchanged, continuing to crave things contrary to our good and God’s character (vs. 23b)
    • Lord, continue to do Your mysterious and miraculous work in my heart, that I may not have an appearance that fools myself into thinking I’m wise. Rather, help me be humbly and firmly rooted in Your grace and gospel truth!

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