Words of Life

The Trials that Transfer Hope to our Children

Psalm 102:

  • I love that the psalmist can come to the LORD in the midst of his agony. (vs. 2) Even there, he knows God’s sovereign control over all things (vs. 10b) and chooses to praise. (vs. 12) Not only does he desire deliverance (vs. 2b), but he desires the LORD’s fame to spread to the following generations! (vs. 18 & 21).
    • LORD, give me this heart, that I may not get stuck in my circumstances, but desire for generations to come to see my faithfulness and ask “who is his God that he so willingly and joyfully praises?!”


Daniel 4:

  • It puzzles me why God would bless a man like Nebuchadnezzar. (vs. 3b) His violence and cruelty were nearly unmatched. This is yet another reason why I would be a poor God! For I would lose the big picture and repay with a violent vengeance.
    • I thank You, LORD, for Your mysterious mercy. Help me to see and celebrate Your mercy, wherever it may be found. No one is beyond redemption. (vs. 37)


Colossians 1:

  • Christ is God(vs. 15-20) and is able to accomplish his will! We are recipients of his reconciling mercy (vs. 20). The evidence of that reality in us can best be seen in the midst of conflict. For it is here that we witness our endurance and patience and transcendent joy (vs. 11)! It is here that we persevere (vs. 22)! And this is why we gladly rejoice in suffering (vs. 24), for it is here that we tangibly give witness of Christ’s worth to the world.
    • Let me not grow fatigue of this struggle, Lord. Give me energy to persist, until all of your children can be presented as “mature” (vs. 28-29).

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