Words of Life

The Price of Affection

Numbers 27:

  • It is interesting to see how these courageous women approach Israel’s leaders to speak of an injustice, or at least an oversight, committed by the leaders. (Vs. 1-4) Moses discusses this issue with the LORD. (vs. 5) Astonishingly, the LORD vindicates these women and even amends the law (vs. 8-11) as a result.
    • LORD, help me to have the humility and courage to approach You with integrity, that You may hear my case.

Isaiah 29:

  • Jerusalem is near destruction! (vs. 1-4) Part of this judgment is due to the lip-service given by the people claiming to be the LORD’s (vs. 13). They say honoring things about God, but the LORD sees their hearts, and they are very far away. In addition to not authentically loving God , these people ignore and malign the man who tries to bring helpful instruction (vs. 21).
    • LORD, help me to hear Your voice, even when it is hard, even when it comes with conviction from sources I don’t desire to listen to. Likewise, help me to proclaim Your word, even when it is dangerous. For Your glory! It is there that I find peace.

Daniel 9:

  • Daniel finds, in the word of God, a promise to end Jerusalem’s desolation after 70 years (vs. 2). Does Daniel celebrate? No, he mourns in prayer (vs. 3-4), asking God to mercifully keep this promise. Daniel, an old man now, was a very young boy when Jerusalem was destroyed, yet, he personally claims the sins of his fathers and countrymen (vs. 5-6), corporately confessing and repenting (vs. 7-15). Daniel wants the LORD to restore Jerusalem. But not so he can rejoice in his own nation! Rather, he knows God and wants Him to be rightly seen by others, “for [the LORD’s] sake.” (vs. 16-19). An angel is sent to tell Daniel that his prayers are heard and he is loved (vs. 23). …beautiful!
    • LORD, I want to love Your glory like this. I want to love Your glory at my own expense, knowing my role in the sins against You, pleading for Your righteous fame, for the good of Your children.

1 Thessalonians 2:

  • Paul affectionately loved the Thessalonians (vs. 7-8). This affection led him to work hard, earning his own way in order to not burden this young church (vs. 9). One result was the Thessalonians receiving the words brought by Paul as the word of God (vs. 13).
    • Jesus, I want to love your word and your people like this. Teach me how, and give me the strength to persevere!

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