Words of Life

Courageous Tears

Jeremiah 37:

  • In vs. 13 Jeremiah is accused of deserting his people. The tears of Jeremiah show that he always desired good for Jerusalem. But he was bound to say what the LORD showed him. In vs. 18 we see that even though Jeremiah’s prophecies proved true, he remained imprisoned. Yet, the ones who prophesied appealing, but false reports remained free.
  • How powerful are the words that confirm the things that we want to hear! How painful it must have been for Jeremiah to watch this all unfold!
  • In vs. 21 we see that Jeremiah remains imprisoned even though his prophesies are proving true. The line about Jeremiah being given bread until all the bread was gone is terrifying. For the Babylonians, with their far superior army, did not fight Jerusalem, but surrounded the locked city as the people slowly starved to death.
      • LORD, help me to have the humility to see my limitations. Help me to see true and good counsel, even when it’s not what I want to hear. Help me to be long-suffering toward ones I love, even if at times things seem bleak. For Romans 8:28 & Genesis 50:20 promise that there is no circumstance for God’s child that God cannot and will not use for their good. Praise God!

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