Words of Life

Mourning and Fasting for Changed Hearts

Isaiah 37:

  • King Hezekiah hears the threats from Assyria. His response is to mourn and take his plea for mercy to the LORD (vs. 1-4). God hears and responds in a way that can only be attributed to divine intervention. For not a single threat is followed through with (vs. 36-37)
    • LORD, if it be Your will, You can bring mercy and blessing in unlikely ways. I pray it’s Your will to do that in my life and the lives of many who desire Your mercy. If You choose to act, give me the eyes to see and the boldness to declare Your great name. I will declare regardless.


Esther 3 & 4:

  • What was it About the Jews that stood out? Haman says that the Jews were “different from those of every other people.” (3:8) We know that Haman, an Agagite, a descendant of the Amalekites, may have a family feud with the Jews. Perhaps Mordecai instigated this animosity by not honoring Haman’s authority. (3:2) Still, Haman’s claim of the Jews being different was not refuted by the king. (3:12-15) All the Jews in Persia mourn and fast because of Haman’s violent threat to the Jews. (4:1-3) Mordecai persuades Esther to view her unique position as queen to intercede for her race. (4:13-14) Esther agrees to try, at great risk to herself. (4:15-16)
  • Do we view our position in life as uniquely determined for a special opportunity to honor God for His glory and the good of others? Would we honor that call, even if the personal risk/cost were great?
    • LORD, give Your children strength.


2 Thessalonians 3:

  • Vs. 5 “may the Lord direct your hearts”
  • It is the heart that drives our lives. For a season one may be able to work contrary to their desires, but this season would be short-lived and full of angst. But when a person is full of love, there is not much they would not be willing to do for that which they love. This says a lot about how we minister to one another. If I can help someone “love” the things of God, then I need not persuade as much for people to follow the ways of God.
    • Holy Spirit, direct my heart as I strive to obey you. Direct the hearts of those you give me the opportunity to minister to today.

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