Words of Life

The Given Blessing to Give a Blessing to Be a Blessing

Psalm 105:

  • LORD, I need a miracle today. My need has escalated beyond spiritual to something tangible. I need to know that You hear and care. Though in my soul, I know this, the uncertainty of Your will and my family’s future is nearly unbearable.
  • This psalmist commands us to remember the wonderful things the LORD has already done. He says not only to praise the LORD for these things but to do this before the whole world.
    • LORD, for the sake of Your name before all nations, help me to keep this command. I will obey as much as I am able.

Isaiah 31 & 32:

  • Prior to God making things right, there are apparently “fools” who are called noble (32:5), but are actually practicing iniquity at the expense of the hungry and thirsty (32:6). Likewise, there are “scoundrels” who work evil schemes that “ruin” the poor (32:7).
    • LORD, give Your children eyes to discern the fool and the scoundrel, that they may not be misled and follow evil patterns.
    • LORD, how I need to see a glimpse of the promise that You give in 32:18 this week. Sustain me, LORD!

Daniel 11:

  • Too often we link prosperity with blessing. This happens in hideous ways by those who would declare wealth as a virtuous goal to pursue. This is also done in more subtle ways when we look to security and abundance and simply state that “the LORD has blessed me” without asking “Why?”, or “for what purpose?”. In verse 36 we read of a king who is so arrogant as to place himself above God. The prophecy here states that this king will “prosper.” Unless we know God’s purposes for our prosperity, we should be more cautious and humble before claiming “blessing.”
    • LORD, I confess that I want more. Help me to know contentment. Help me to know the difference between Your generous provisions and purposes; and my greed, lack of faith, lack of love, and covetousness.

1 Thessalonians 4:

  • It is God’s will for us to be sanctified (vs. 3), to live holy lives in this life (vs. 3-12). Too often we claim grace and make a mockery of godliness. While grace is true (Praise God!), we should desire and strive for reflecting this grace in the transformation of our lives.
    • Holy Spirit, do this in me.

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  1. Thank you for always sharing your heart Chris. My heart is troubled for you. Praying for peace that only God can give you and answers that are beyond ourselves.


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