Words of Life

Wanting and Willing What’s Best

Isaiah 30:

  • Oh, how I need to hear this word today! In desperation, Israel makes plans without consulting God (vs. 1). It was a devastating decision. God sends messengers to correct, but Israel’s leaders turn these messengers away, only wanting to hear good things of optimism and false-momentum (vs. 10). The LORD desires to be gracious, but waits for His people to be willing (vs. 15, 18). Still, eventually, the LORD will reveal His mercy and be seen by His people (vs. 19-20) and give them the assurance of walking in His way (vs. 21).
    • LORD, I so badly need this assurance today! The quickly approaching difficulty scares me and tempts me to not wait for Your direction. Please, reveal Your plan to me soon, that I can walk confidently and joyfully in it!

Daniel 10:

  • Daniel deeply desires to know God. To the point of mourning and fasting and praying (vs. 2-3, 12). Because of this sincerity of heart, a messenger is sent to assure Daniel that he is loved (vs. 11, 19). No word is given to sustain or promise to give hope, just to know that he is loved, and this should be encouraging enough.
    • LORD, let your love be enough for me to find the strength to follow Your will.

1 Thessalonians 3:

  • What made Paul feel alive? It is the news of the perceptible faith of those he has ministered to (vs. 8). As I sit in a cozy vacation spot, I wonder what most makes me feel alive. Another convicting thought is in how Paul prays for things that he is not promised (vs. 10a). Sometimes it’s hard for me to pray for what I desire when I cannot clearly link it to the revealed will of God. Is this humility or fear? Fear of being told “no”? Fear of “feeling” unloved? Is my faith sure enough to risk being told “no” by God?
    • Holy Spirit, continue your work in me. Comfort and correct me. Convict and enable me to be a witness, to do your work. This is what I want! Help me to know my hidden or suppressed desires, that I may either destroy the covetous idolatry in them or make requests with them that my good Father might delight to provide.

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