Words of Life

Clean News

Acts 10:

  • The beautiful story of Peter and Cornelius in here makes me wonder how much in our world is “clean” that we call “common.” (vs. 15) There is a sense that there are people in “every nation” (vs. 35) who respond to God’s general revelation in creation (vs. 2a&c) as well as the conscience (God’s law written on our hearts” – vs. 2b, see Romans 1:14-16).
  • Rather than being protective and territorial (vs. 14), knowing God has made us clean, we should obey the primary mission given to us by speaking the Good News in Jesus (vs. 42). For, there must be a difference between being acceptable to God (vs. 35) and being forgiven by God “in [Jesus’] name.” (vs. 43)
    • Lord, give us eyes to see people who seek You. And give us courage to speak the Good News of Jesus indiscriminately!

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