Words of Life

Guarding God’s Gifts Humbly

Numbers 33:

  • How heartbreaking and devastating it must have been to have your servants leave while you were burying your children (vs. 4). I don’t know how I would have felt as Hebrew. Would the way I was mistreated cause me to be cruel or compassionate?
    • LORD, let me be the latter!

Isaiah 44:

  • Yet again, Israel is warned of the folly of making idols (vs. 9-20). Isn’t it good to live in a time where we no longer make statues to call gods? Oh, but we still do! We worship the work of our hands. Our statues are; financial gain, productivity, reputation, results, …! When will we learn?! Be fruitful, love God, be merciful and just, have courage, and let God determine the rest.
    • LORD, do not let me strive after making a name for myself. I desire to be content with my role in Your grand plan.

Ezra 5:

  • What a letter of humility! When an attempt to stop the Jews from rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem was made (vs. 3-4), the Jews could have just written to king Darius and said, “Keep your nation’s promise!” Instead, they cite that a promise was made (vs. 13), but humbly leave the decision in the hands of the king (vs. 17b).
    • Help me, LORD, to be a person with this kind of humility and trust, a person knows that You have the ability to work through he decrees of anyone.

1 Timothy 6:

  • “Guard the deposit” (vs. 20)! There are many incredible teachings in this chapter, but “the deposit” interests me today. Timothy is urged to “teach” (vs. 2b), keep “the commandment” (vs. 14), and avoid false “knowledge” (vs. 20). Not to mention other such admonitions in this letter. I would suggest that “the deposit” is this teaching that Timothy is to understand, promote, and proclaim.
  • The Word of God is a precious and foundational gift of God. To take it lightly, puts us on a path that “swerv[es] from the faith” (vs. 21). If I do not prioritize this Word, first in proclamation, then in practice, I am not loving nor helping the people around me.
    • Holy Spirit, give me wisdom to know how to “guard the deposit” well and give me the courage and love to do this boldly and with compassion.

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