Words of Life

Unconditional Destruction of Heart Idols

Jeremiah 31:

  • There are apparently conditional AND unconditional responses that God has towards His children. In vss. 18-20 it seems God always wanted to show mercy. It was not so much Israel’s obedience that God was waiting for, as much as it was their admitting that they were wrong (much like David did repeatedly). We need to find the courage to call our sins what they are; whether active (rebellion against God) or passive (refusal to listen to God).
  • In vss. 31-34 we see that there will come a day when God will bless without conditions. For at this time the conditions will be rendered irrelevant. At this time we will have new hearts. Hearts that do not desire to oppose God’s ways. Hearts that desire to know God in community.

Job 31:

  • This is an excellent list of categories of idolatry that can subtly take root in ones heart. If you’re courageous, take time to make a checklist from Job’s list here to test your own hearts.

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