Words of Life

“To us a child is born” – Can you see him?

Isaiah 9:

  • Not long after Isaiah gives this beautiful and familiar prophecy of Peace (“For to us a child is born…” – vs. 6-7) does he speak of the coming judgment. This prophetic judgment comes both from without and within. Neighboring nations will act as the LORD’s rod of correction and discipline (vs. 11-12). Sadly, another judgment comes via the willful ignorance of the people. They devour one another, they devour themselves (vs. 18-21)! Vs. 14-16 indicate that a major contributor to this self-inflicted ignorance is the misleading done by Israel’s leadership. I doubt that they wanted to harm their own nation, but pride and arrogance (vs. 9) brought them to a place where they could not see their own folly.
    • LORD, help me to not be presumptive of the things I do not know. Yet, help me to be led with that which You have revealed, that Your children may be led well.

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