Words of Life

Naive & Greedy…and Blessed!

Ephesians 1:

  • We ARE blessed! In vs. 3 Paul tells us that Christ already “has” blessed us! This is past tense. We are greedy, covetous and naive people! Greedy and covetous in that when we’re given “EVERY spiritual blessing,” yet we say that it’s not enough and demand more! Naive in that we fail to recognize that what we want is both not good as well as a distraction from what is best for us.
    • I praise You, Lord, for Your great wisdom (vs. 8) in blessing me against my tainted will. Help me to respond to this with the kind of faith and love that is praiseworthy in reputation (vs. 15). Let this not be contained in an individualistic shell, but to be experienced and demonstrated in the corporate context of “the church, which is [Christ’s] body, the fullness of him who fills all in all.” (vs. 22-23)!

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