Words of Life

The heart-law…put there by God

Romans 2:

  • God’s withholding of judgement is not an indication of approval, but a patient act of kindness, giving us the opportunity to repent (vs. 4). For there is a law, not with ink, but programmed into the fabric of humanity, that moves us toward God and His ways (vs. 13-15). There is a judgment that considers our consistency in responding to the inner prodding’s of our conscience. Though this judgment cannot “save”, it seems real, and should not be treated lightly. In addition, vs. 24 tells us that our failure to obey this inner-law makes even God’s children (we who have the written law) a mockery to those who heed the inner-law, even when they do not have the written law.
    • Lord, I know that there are people who honor your standards without knowing it. How much more should I declare and reflect your ways when I have your written word! Let me not take this lightly. Rather, I decide to happily seek your Word and speak it well, not to mention live it with integrity. Holy Spirit, help me.

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