Words of Life

Our Hard Calling

Acts 9:

  • Vs. 15-16 tells us how Saul (Paul) was called to “suffer” for Jesus. Was this punishment or vengeance for Saul’s persecution of Jesus’ followers? No! This was Paul’s missional call. Paul accepted it and fearlessly pursued it. If Paul’s suffering paid for anything, then the “grace” he preached (Ephesians 2:8-9) would be undermined! Rather, Paul’s suffering was a path he was willing to take (Philippians 3:8), not worthy of comparison to the glory of knowing and fellowshipping with Jesus (Romans 8:18, Philippians 1:23). In addition, Paul’s suffering was a demonstration and proclamation of the grace offered through the sufferings of Jesus (Colossians 1:24-27).
  • What is God’s missional call for us? Will the church in my generation love Jesus enough and be tough enough to get on the long, hard road of knowing and proclaiming Jesus in a way that multiplies cross-carrying disciples?!

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