Words of Life

A Fear that Makes One Fearless

Psalm 112:

  • What is this fear that creates fearlessness? The psalmist says that the righteous are not afraid. (Vs. 7-8), but earlier in vs. 1 he says that fearing the LORD brings blessing. In fact, the previous psalm says that fearing God creates wisdom! Whatever this inner experience of fearing God feels like, the psalmist tells us what it looks like:
    • He has a productive life and family (vs. 2-4)
    • He loves the Bible (vs. 1)
    • He is generous and just with his wealth (vs. 5)
    • He is confident in his commitments and convictions (vs. 6)
    • Bad news does not shake him (vs. 7-8)
  • LORD, teach me what it means to “fear” You. Though this scares me to ask, I know You keep Your promises. So in the end it will result in an expression of the love that You have for me.

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