Words of Life

Anointing is not Blessing or Favor

Isaiah 45:

  • God anoints strange people. Here He anoints Cyrus, the king of the Persian Empire. (vs. 1) To highlight the strangeness of this anointing, God says twice that the anointed “[does] not know me.” (vs. 4 & 5) God’s purpose in working in such strange, counter-intuitive ways is to show the world that He is unique, He is Creator, and He is to be known. We may have issues with this, but God does not need to explain Himself (vs. 9b), as if we’d understand anyway. Paul wrestles with this in Romans 9 and resolves that God does whatever He wills, regardless of our understanding. (vs. 9, see Romans 9:19-24)
  • I have heard people strive for and celebrate anointing. This passage tells me that God’s sovereign purpose in anointing does not mean that we are virtuous or right with God. God wants to be known, in truth, not for how we want Him to be, but for who He is. This is what I should strive for. Whether or not He anoints me, so be it. As long as I might know Him.
    • LORD, show me as much of who You are as I can handle. I desire to be content with this. I would be delighted to be used by You for some grand purpose, but I will not force Your hand. I only want to know You truly.

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