Words of Life

Delayed Joy

Ezra 6:

  • These summary stories can be misleading. Building is ok’d, then delayed, then a humble appeal is made, now we read of a generous approval. But this takes place over many years! (23 years according to one chart):
    • 538 — Rebuilding of the temple is decreed by Cyrus
    • 535 — Construction of the temple finally begins
    • 530 — Due to a local threat, the building is stopped
      • NOTE: from 530 to 522 there was great national upheaval (Cyrus II is assassinated by Cambyses II (his brother), Patizithes deposed Cambyses, Patizithes put forward Guamata (his brother) as king under the guise of being Smerdis, finally Darius I killed this liar and took over.
    • 520 — Darius decrees that the building is resumed with generous provisions from his own treasury and threatens extreme punishment (humiliating impalement) to anyone who interferes.
    • 515 — the temple is complete
  • God is working, but we must be patient; enduring difficult setbacks, frustrations, and questions. Nevertheless, we must always be trusting His work in His time through His willing servants.
  • I can imagine that the Passover celebration (vs. 19-22) was incredibly joyful.   Psalm 126 is a short psalm describing this event.
    • LORD, help me to endure faithfully, knowing that what is done according to Your will, will not be done in vain.

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