Words of Life

Wanting the Word

Ezra 7:

  • It’s interesting how much of this building of the temple of God was an act of the will. They do not seem to be compelled by force, but actually have a desire within to restore the temple, Jerusalem, Israel and the fame of the LORD (Yahweh!) Vs. 10 says that Ezra decided to love God’s Word and to teach it to God’s people. This is convicting to those who say that they just don’t find the Bible interesting. Perhaps they aren’t choosing what is good and discovering the riches that it has within!
  • How much of our neglect of the things of God simply have to do with our failure to discipline our own wills? If we know what we should love, but do not love it, the first step is to act like we love it, for it is right and good. This is a tangible act of repentance of the emotions that is likely to bear fruit and change hearts!
    • LORD, I will learn to love Your Word and Your ways. When I do not, I will discipline myself to act that way, for I know that it is good and true and right and beneficial.

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