Words of Life

Oh, that you had paid attention!

Isaiah 48:

  • How odd that a people would be “called,” participate in divine miracles, walk with the people of faith, “swear by the name of the LORD,” and declare His name…”…but NOT in truth or right.” (vs. 1)! How close we can be to the will and plan of God and yet be busy acting on the lie, that which is wrong! This should cause us to freeze in our steps in humility and desperately seek God.
  • You will be tested! This testing is done via “affliction.” (vs. 10). Do not be naive. If times are tough and you are a true child of God, this affliction will reveal the solid foundation of the Gospel planted deep within you. If you are not, this affliction will cause you to turn from the truth.
  • Brace yourself and turn away from the cushy, candy dish Christianity that tickles your ears! “Oh that you had paid attention to [God’s] commandments!” (vs. 18a) Then, the transcendent blessings of God would have been sweetly received! (vs. 18b-19)
    • I desire to be tried and purified and molded into something pure, beautiful and true! This is Good News that I commit to declare “to the end of the earth.” (vs. 20), for Your name’s sake! (vs. 9-11)

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