Words of Life

The Weight of the Merciful

Numbers 35:

  • These laws are interesting. The context I now live in makes it difficult to understand these in their intent and motivation. The Levites, who have no inheritance, are given cities w/ pasturelands. (vs. 2-5) God might have just told Israel to give food to this priestly tribe. But instead, they get a land that they may cultivate for their sustenance. In addition, these cities are also for people who accidentally¬†kill someone, that they might have a place to be safe from the vengeance¬†of a hurt and angry relative. There are layers of mercy and responsibility within these laws. Still, as I read, I can conjure up potential loopholes where one may bypass the heart of these laws and manipulate them for their own agendas.
    • LORD, help me to see opportunities for mercy. Let me not shake free of the areas that I am called to be responsible for. And Holy Spirit, help me to confront my sinful bent to seek my own desires, regardless of the heart and letter of Your Word.

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