Words of Life

Obligatory Preaching

2 Timothy 4:

  • Preaching the Word is not optional for Timothy. (vs. 2) Nor should it be for anyone who loves Jesus! (vs. 8) There’s a time coming, it may be here already, where people only seek to hear what they want to hear. (vs. 3) The only hope for people to be rescued from this wayward pursuit is for them to encounter sober teaching. (vs. 5) Evangelize! Tell the truth of the Good News, even when it’s hard, even when there’s a cost! (vs. 6) Let us be able to say with Paul, we fought hard, we lived well, we will die victorious. (vs. 7-8)
    • Jesus, oh do I love the thought of your appearing. (vs. 8) I desire to be a part of the preparations for your appearing. Teach me to do this. Strengthen me, Holy Spirit, to endure.

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