Words of Life

Where are the Tough Guys?

Isaiah 50:

  • Vs. 6 seems to be in conflict with vs. 7&8. The Servant is willingly beaten. He “gives” his “back”, his “cheeks”, and his “face” to abuse and “disgrace”. He is set on doing God’s will in spite of these intimidating experiences. For, he “[sets his] face like flint” on his task at hand. Though he gives himself to disgrace (vs. 6), he knows that he is not disgraced (vs. 7). He knows that the One who sends him on this hards calling is greater than his experiences, and therefore, he “shall not be put to shame.”
  • Vs. 10 asks who will “[obey] the voice of [God’s] servant?” That tells me that Isaiah expects the faithful to follow in this same tough, long-suffering character.
  • Where are the tough guys in our day?! Not the guys who flex and posture like a frightened peacock. But, those who can walk into the face of affliction, bearing the scorn, with the appearance of weakness. Yet, having thick enough skin to persevere, knowing that there is a greater strength that many cannot see.
  • LORD, give me this character, give the men of Your Church this strength to face adversaries with grace and peace, in the face of violence and disgrace. For You vindicate! We can joyfully obey!

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