Words of Life

Consistent Character that Confesses

Titus 1:

  • Titus was commissioned to appoint elders of every local church. These men were to demonstrate character, courage, consistency, and intellect (vs. 5-9) that could stand in the face of false teaching and ill-motives (vs. 10) that are destructive to the churches (vs. 11 & 14).
  • I find it interesting (and sobering) that a person can “profess” and yet prove their profession to be false by their works. (vs. 15-16). This is not a works-based salvation. For, the same author wrote Romans 10:9. Rather, Paul is saying that confession and profession (lip-service) are not the same things. God will not be fooled!


Holy Spirit, test my heart and show me my waywardness. Let me see false and selfish motives and know how to repent of them. Help me serve Your Church and the Gospel, that You may be seen as beautiful by many.

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