Words of Life

Suffering & Satisfction

Isaiah 52&53:

  • This is a famous passage, so I am distracted by its usual usage as I read. Still, a couple observations strike me.
    • 52:10&15 say more directly the intended effect of the work and sacrifice of the Messiah. It is for “all the ends of the earth.” He intends to “sprinkle many nations.” This is not universalism, for 53:11 says that the Messiah will “make many to be accounted righteous.” He does not say “all.”
      • For us, the Church, we should bring this salvation, through proclamation and demonstration, to “all the earth.” Paul, inspired by the Spirit, connects this command to the Messiah (52:7) to us, the Church (Rom. 10:15)!
    • ┬áSo often in Scripture (and in life) do we see pain as a pathway to peace and suffering as the means to satisfaction. These are only birth pangs to life! 53:5 says that “wounds” are the means to being “satisfied.” In addition, 53:10 says that these difficult experiences are not unfortunate events, but “the will of the LORD.”
      • True, the removal of sin, the imputed righteousness, are works of the Messiah, not us. However, our experience of this must include these hard sufferings. For, the writer of Hebrews makes this connection between our unpleasant experiences and God’s making us righteous (Heb. 12:11)

–> LORD, help me to view things this way. I want to see Your hand in the events of life. Help me trust this promise!

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