Words of Life

A Rainbow of Redemption

Isaiah 54-55

  • In the days of Noah, the entire world was flooded. God then gave us a rainbow to assure us that this would never happen again. Isaiah compares this guarantee to God’s new covenant to no longer be angry with His children. (54:9) Other than being a child of Abraham through faith, this promise appears to unconditional. Some promises are given as rewards or consequences for our actions. But I can find no requirements for this promise. No act of obedience or disobedience will keep God from having compassion and steadfast love towards us! (54:10)
  • In 55:6 we read that now the LORD “may be found.” But there is a day where He may¬†not be found. Those who do not prioritize seeking God, risk coming to a day where this covenant relationship is no longer accessible. And, therefore, the one condition for receiving loving favor from God forever (being a child through faith) will keep them from this promise.
    • O LORD, of all the stresses in this life, let us place knowing You on the top of our list of priorities! There is no greater pursuit. Give us the compassion to communicate this ultimate goal with urgency and clarity.

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