Words of Life

Forever Love & Enduring Praise

Psalm 118:

  • This psalm is written as praise for the LORD’s loving salvation. Vs. 13 gives a little insight into what this involves. The psalmist says he was pushed to the point of falling. If the LORD keeps him from falling, vs. 17 tells us that he will use his salvation as an opportunity to publicly praise the LORD.
    • Do we, as Christians, view our salvation this way? There is no promise in this psalm that the LORD will keep us from falling completely. But, when we are kept from falling, do we try to make Jesus known and loved? Perhaps this is part of what Paul meant when we said, “…to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Philippians 1:21)

Holy Spirit, help me overcome my fearful timidity and declare Jesus well. I need to sense Your prompting and respond boldly and compassionately.

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