Words of Life

Too Smart to be Happy

Deuteronomy 6:4-25:

  • Jealousy is an odd emotion. We tend to equate it with covetousness. Yet, in vs. 15 we read that the LORD is jealous. I heard it explained once that this is more like the jealousy a spouse would feel when their loved one has an affair. It is right to be hurt and angry. This is a righteous feeling. The LORD is not jealous because He is hoarding compliments. Rather, He is jealous because His creation puts itself outside of a covenant relationship when they pursue gods other than Himself!
  • Consider how often in Scripture (esp. this chapter) God says that these commands, with their accompanying consequences, are for our good. (vs. 18, 24) How often I would think that God was just demanding control and respect, with no interest in my happiness. How wrong was I?!

LORD, forgive my stupidity. Why I should think that I know what is best for me, is beyond me! Help me to find the courage to betray my own mind when it heads away from Your Word. Your Word is more reliable than my logic or intelligence!

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