Words of Life

“Better” – Once for all!

Hebrews 9:

  • “Better” is the word for everything new. (vs. 23) The new creation, the new body, the new covenant. Let your minds wander, dream, imagine, fantasize. Whatever you come up with, it is “better”! For example, the old covenant made right our wrong actions, balancing them with sacrifices. But what it could not do, change us from the inside out, the new covenant does by addressing our conscience. (vs. 9 & 14) Again, the old covenant had to continue being repeated for every deed, but the new covenant is “once for all”! (vs. 26) Who is this covenant for? In its power, it is for everyone. In its effect, it is for “those who are eagerly waiting for [Jesus].” (vs. 28)

LORD, for all of my wavering, this is the on place I find my confidence. There is no longer any desire or event or aspiration that would cause me to ask You, Jesus, to wait a little longer before returning. To see You, surpasses all other delights! I thank You for doing this work in me. Holy Spirit, sustain this heart and help my deeds grow in reflection of this. Use my life to grow this heart in others.

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