Words of Life

The Affliction that Heals

Hosea 5 & 6

  • How we forget, neglect, and wander! How often I “pursue” God, only to find that I am pursuing the effects of God. God desires “steadfast love”, but I seek to impress God with my “sacrifices”. God desires to be “[known]”, but I seek His word to find the “how to’s” of blessed living. Is it possible that the affliction I experience, the emptiness I feel, the burden I carry; that these, too, are from the LORD? Perhaps then I will truly begin to know God and effectively and authentically love God. If this is what is best for me, then this is the most loving thing God can do for me.

LORD, if being “struck down” will bring me to You, then strike me with Your loving might. Holy Spirit, give me the endurance to stay fixed on God until His work in me is done. Let me not wander. Help me to trust, to know, to love.

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