Words of Life

People are Praise-Worthy Problems

1 Chronicles 5:

  • I know that Chronicles is primarily a record of history. But, there is a bit of commentary here, too. It’s interesting to me that some of these tribes are commended (i.e. – vs. 2 & 18), when the sum of their lives amounted to chronic rebellion, repeated failures in faithfulness. (vs. 25)
  • Personally, I feel like it is a good thing to view people’s lives moment by moment, event to event. This allows me to celebrate virtue and victory without glossing over the truth of one’s failures. When we do this with people, we can, with authenticity (not with the common “bless their heart” tone), praise one’s efforts and accomplishments. It seems to me that good people and good actions are often minimized in people’s eyes because of the presence of error. Is it possible that good people can have moments or categories where they could not bring themselves to faithful obedience? Must we entirely negate the beauty and virtue in them because of this?! Besides, our perception of another’s failure is often subjective and short-sighted, ignorant of all the working dynamics behind one’s actions and decisions.

LORD, help me not to miss praise-worthy things that exist in those around me, just because I think that I am aware of their vices and failures. Help me to celebrate moments of victory, for they tend to be few in this fallen world.

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