Words of Life

An Inner War with God

Hosea 7:

  • It seems that the LORD’s people believe that their true selves can be hidden behind vain testimonies (vs. 10), meaningless attendance (vs. 16a), and ineffective training (vs. 15); and even with deep heart cries (vs. 14). In other words, there is a very thin layer, a translucent act of obedience. But these acts, even these emotions can be seen through. At the heart, there is evil self-promotion, oppressive self-indulgences, and destructive cravings. The people speak of God without turning to God (vs. 10). They cry to God, but have no heart for God (vs. 14).
  • How subtle it is to associate with God while rebelling against Him!

LORD, show me when my religious pursuits are in vain. Peel back the callous layers of my heart so that I may know when my motives and desires are waging war with Your good will. Holy Spirit, continue to break away the rocky portions of my heart, that the new heart of flesh may keep growing.

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