Words of Life

When the Outside guides the Inside

Psalm 119:105-136:

  • In a time where I regularly hear talk about looking inside yourself for direction, truth, and virtue; the psalmist does the opposite. He looks outside himself. This makes sense in a rudimentary way. For when one does not understand the big picture relation to their task, they step back to get a view from the perspective that is bigger than their task. I often do not understand the purpose of my role in life, the point to the circumstances I navigate. This is why I need to frequently find one who can give me this perspective.
  • The psalmist goes far beyond seeking to gain knowledge and insight. He asks God for protection, for vindication, for teaching, and for understanding. But he also recognizes that with all these things, he still needs the will, the want to keep God’s commands. He needs to step even further, to love God’s ways, to see beauty and virtue in His ways.

LORD, I want to endure to the end, but also to endure in every moment. I am a wavering child who knows what is good, but too often runs to the cravings of the moment rather than to the good You give. Please, remove the distractions that keep me from You, that keep me from walking in Your ways.

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